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Your Agent - Working For You
Best Possible Mortgage Rates
Pay No Fees!

Get A Better Rate Than the Bank Offers!

Get clients a better rate is the primary role of a mortgage broker in Canada. Independent mortgage brokers are licensed mortgage specialists that have access to many lenders.  Usually one application is all it takes.


Pay No Fees

The institution that supplies the mortgage pays mortgage brokers. There is no fee to have them negotiate a mortgage on your behalf.


Your Agent – Working For You

An independent mortgage broker works for their client. Their job is to get the best mortgage for their client. That’s not always just the best rate. Sometimes there are credit issues, or other circumstances that make a mortgage difficult to obtain. A mortgage broker can help.


Best Rate Bonus

Not only do mortgage brokers have a number of financial institutions at their disposal, they also may benefit from volume discounts and pass that on to their clients!


“I Must Be Getting the Best Rate – I’ve Been a Bank Customer For Years”

Amazingly, with the banks in Canada, that’s not always true! Some of the bank’s best customers are those paying the highest mortgage rates! Banks don’t always offer their best rate unless they have to.


You owe it to yourself to get a mortgage broker to work for you when you are considering renewing your mortgage. There’s no cost, or obligation and you may save thousands of dollars.

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